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As men, we are living in one of the greatest transitional times in the history of the world. 
The old world - the world that has been created for us by centuries of hard work by our ancestors is disintegrating before our eyes.  

All around the world economies are collapsing, acts of aggression, terrorism, and violence are surging, and countries are more divided than ever.  

In the old world, the role of being a man was pretty straight forward. 

You worked hard, took care of your family, lived life, and stayed out of trouble.

But being a man in these tumultuous times is harder than ever, because our roles as men have never been more unclear and indecisive.
Men are suffering right now, young men especially.  
Since we were very young we have been taught NOT to trust ourselves. 

Parents and teachers, employers, friends, and even the women in our lives have told us how to behave as we strike out into the world.

We’ve been told to soften, to be nicer, and not be so competitive.

We’ve also been told to get some ambition, grow up, be more responsible, “man up,” quit being a pussy and to “grow some balls…”
Men don’t know how to act in the world anymore
because years of mixed messages have forced US to become disembodied.

Disembodiment creates two types of Shadow-Men...

The Chaotic Man & The Cowardly Man.  

The Chaotic Man's energy is misdirected, he's super motivated and knows what he wants in life.  But no matter how hard he works (and he works HARD), he doesn't seem to get anywhere. 

Every time he tries to get ahead, he falls short.  

He anxiously works his face off... only find that his efforts are fruitless. 

The other side of the same coin is the The Cowardly Man. 

The Cowardly Man often has no clue what he wants in life; he has no vision and no goals. It's not that he doesn't want to achieve, he just can't seem to muster enough energy to take action.
Some cowardly men can talk a good talk, but when it comes time to take action he deflates like a balloon.  The amount of effort it would take to achieve his goals seems to overwhelm him, and he becomes depressed. 

The reality is that neither one of these disembodiments feel good. 

They’re coping patterns, and will leave you feeling so empty inside no amount of success in business, women you get, or money you make will make you happy.  

Men are desperate for a conversation about responsibility, noble being, direction - having a purpose.

Even though it’s not your fault, it is your responsibility as a man to fix it. 

But we can’t solve this crisis simply by talking about it…
Mankind is Waking Up
Masculinity is being redefined, and mankind is waking up to a brand new world where limitations, fear, manipulation and dogma will be replaced with empowerment, unity, love
As this brand new world unfolds, our evolving consciousness will make way for a holistic approach to health, community and the well-being of our planet. 

In The New World, Becoming The Strongest Version Of Ourselves is not only our birthright, but it is our personal responsibility as an evolving man.

Regardless of what type of man you are, there is a far more powerful, grounded, evolved man within you waiting to be discovered.

This man is decisive, centered, powerful, and confident. 

Even when the world around him becomes chaotic, he remains cool, calm, and collected.

He acts, rather than reacts.

He’s the rock in crisis.

According to Robert Moore Phd, this man is called... 
"the Inner King"
A man fully engaged with positive King energy is completely present as a man.

According to Moore, “The two main functions of your inner king are to provide order, and foster creativity”.

The King decides what’s important and designs his kingdom around it. 

The King ties together our mission as men, “To become the strongest version of ourselves, and empower others.” 

When your inner king reigns supreme, your life will feel complete - because your power will be limitless.  

But we’ve become disembodied from who we really are….

Look - you can read books, you can go to self help seminars, and can get a burst of energy and get really really excited and motivated and charged up!
But ascension into excitement and ecstasy doesn’t hold the key (the solution) to change.  

That state is temporary, it’s fleeting, and before you know it, you’ll be right back to where you started again. 

 You’ll be back to baseline, or worse, even lower than you were when you started.  

That’s because you cannot become KING with just knowledge.
I have all the knowledge I need, because I literally wrote the book on it when I wrote KING. 

But even after my work was complete and I sold 10,000 copies, I had to come to face to face with a harsh, unavoidable, and painful reality.  
I knew it all - but I wasn’t living through my King - because I wasn’t embodying it.  

Embodiment is an awareness that transcends knowledge, and can only come from experience and integration of your body and mind.

My journey over the course of the last two years has been all about learning how to integrate, apply knowledge, and truly embody what it means to be KING.  
Becoming an embodied King
In JANUARY, I’m hosting a 3-Day Immersion called
JANUARY 4th - 6th The Retreat @ Balcones Springs - Austin, TX
Grounding Man is an initiation that combines Bioenergetics, Active Meditations, and Life Mastery activities which will take you into the depths of yourself, shaking up the unconscious and bringing to light many things which have been buried.
Grounding Man is an immersion into an exploration of you. 

You’ll uncover wounds, identify crippling weaknesses in your personality, and shine light on your shadow. 

 I’ll guide you through the process of finding the chink in your armor, and we’ll work together to eradicate the harmful and destructive patterns that have held you back for far too long.

When you get together with a group of like-minded MEN - all of whom are on the journey to become the strongest versions of themselves your entire life will expand in ways you’ve never before imagined:
  •  More clarity of purpose and vision
  •  More energy for work, exercise and play
  •  More time for reading, thinking and meditating
  •  More intimacy with lovers and loved ones
  •  Better “big picture” planning and goal achievement
  •  Better posture, core strength and performance
  •  Better intelligence, intuition and wisdom
  •  Better sex, attraction and charisma
  •  Stronger authority and integrity
  •  Stronger discipline and devotion to your purpose
  •  Stronger meditation and spiritual practice
  •  Stronger sensuality and sexual performance
“This was really about peeling away the layers and doing the work it takes to get to deeper level within my body.”

“I came to Grounding Camp to learn from Elliott, who is a world class teacher. My favorite part was seeing people unstifled – letting go, and being free.”

OWEN, 37, CA
“Whatever your excuses are, find a way to get here [Grounding Camp]. I promise you it will be worth it.”

“The biggest thing I took away was a newfound confidence.”

“I came here kind of last minute, and I’m SO grateful I did. I found the inner lion I was looking for.”

PAT, 24, NY
“Anyone should give it a try…and just…feel what it’s like to really be happy for the first time.”

“Be open to whatever comes…It was something I would never get anywhere else.”

“That’s exactly what it [Grounding Camp] felt like. It felt like an initiation, it felt like a rite of passage.”

“I would recommend Grounding Camp to anyone 
who wants to unfold the most honest, truest version on themselves.”

ADAM, 19, CA
“I came here not knowing what to expect…and I’ve been blown away. This is life changing.”

JOE, 48, GA
“The experience has been crazy..I’ve found myself.”

JACK, 25, UK
“You’ll unlock parts of yourself you didn’t 
even know were there.”

“It was 100 times better than I thought it was going to will change your life.”

JOE, 19, GA
“I traveled from Ireland to be here. To be real honest, it blew my mind.”

How much does this cost?
If you’re anything like me, you’re always willing to invest in yourself. I know full well that whatever I spend in education and experience, I always gain a 10X return.

In fact I have personally spent over $200,000 on mentoring, coaching, personal development, workshops, camps and more in just the last few years. But this is different…

This is more than just an opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow in ways you’ve never experienced before.

This is about the future of MANKIND.

Grounding Man is about getting together with like-minded and like-hearted men for three full days, at a beautiful nature retreat in Texas, where we’ll learn, love and have fun with the purpose of bringing our light into a world that needs us to step up right now!

The cost for Grounding Man is $1,997
Grounding Man is a Men's Only event. 
*NOTICE: These Grounding Camps always sell out fast!  Grab one of these 200  79 - before they're all gone. 
when you join us, your tuition fee covers:
  •  Cost of education and experience. 
  •  Room and board.
  •  All custom meals per day.
  •  Transportation to and from airport.
  •  All you have to do is arrive on time, and be ready to grow stronger!
You have 2 options
You can read more books, go to more seminars, and accumulate more dead knowledge that will have you in the same place you’re in right now 6 months, a year, and even 5 years from now, or...

You can answer the call.

You can choose to claim what is rightfully yours. click the button below, come spend 3 days with me and I’ll show you to embody your king, and live a life beyond your wildest imagination.
JANUARY 4th - 6th The Retreat @ Balcones Springs - Austin, TX
Grounding Man is a Men's Only event. 
Is there an age limit?
Yes, 18 and older please. 
What is the itinerary for the weekend?
Final details will be sent to all participants several weeks before the event. If you have any questions please email Colleen Hulse at
What about my dietary needs?
The entire weekend will be catered by the retreat center. There are also accommodations for those who are meat-free, gluten-free, and/or have any other special request. We will be sending out a survey prior to camp to gather your dietary needs.
Can I arrive a day early?  Spend an extra night?
Reservations and accommodations to arrive a day early and/or leave a day later will not be allowed at the retreat center. If you are looking for accommodations for days other than the event, we recommend booking a hotel or AirBnB near the airport to utilize our shuttle service.
What about my condition?
It is very important to realize that the nature of Osho Active Meditations and Bioenergetics requires a demand of energetic AND physical strength. We will never force you into any activities or meditations that you don’t feel comfortable participating in. You attend at your own risk and you should have a general understanding of your limits and circumstances.
What are the sleeping arrangements?
Sleeping arrangements are dormitory style, with shared bathrooms and facilities. 
Can I film/record the event?
To respect the other campers, filming and recording will be strictly prohibited.
What should I bring?
Please bring clothes that are comfortable for changes in weather. We will find ourselves both indoors and outdoors for our stay. Multiple changes of clothes each day is highly recommended as it will likely get sweaty during meditations and exercises. Also, it is highly recommended to bring a yoga mat and foam roller.
Is it common for people to come alone?
Yes! We do have some participants come who are friends or brothers, but the majority of our campers attend on their own.
Will there be wifi?
Yes, there will be access to wifi in the common areas.
What if I need a refund?
There are NO REFUNDS. Since space is limited to the first 200 people.  All sales are FINAL.
Have any other questions?
Please contact Colleen Hulse with any questions or concerns about attending the event at
Grounding Man is a Men's Only event. 
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